Turnberry Media, the marketing and advertising arm of properties by developer Turnberry Associates, utilizes its premier destination, Aventura Mall and its other destinations as powerful out of home branding locations. All customized by property to meet the needs of our clients, various advertising and experiential out of home media platforms are available and include, but not limited to:

Interior Spectaculars
Impactful brand imagery in targeted areas, extending brand messaging and connecting with consumer's emotions.

  • Large Format Wallscapes
  • Bulkheads
  • Sky & Pole Banners
  • Window Decals & Wraps
  • Elevator Wraps
  • Directories / Dioramas / Duratrans

Experiential Activations
Consumer experience is more important today than ever before, it transforms and defines brands.

  • Brand Promotions
  • Pop Up Displays
  • Concert Series
  • Vehicle Displays and Activations
  • Product Launches
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Golf Events
  • Private Events

Brand Domination
Through the utilization of key clustered advertising locations in targeted zones domination packages create high impact outreach - creating an unmistakable presence, an undeniable influence.

  • Luxury Domination
  • Point of Entry and Arrival Domination
  • Fashion Domination
  • Entertainment Domination
  • Pool/Beachscape Domination
  • Family Domination
  • Directory / Diorama / Duratran Domination

Static & Digital Directories / Dioramas / Duratrans
Directory advertising panels provide branding in key entry points and traffic areas at one of the consumers top destination points – mall directories. From select locations to complete domination, directories provide millions of advertising impressions driving brand awareness.

Digital Spectaculars
Digital spectaculars integrate a brand message through multiple touch points with full motion video, capturing immediate consumer attention. Our exclusive out of home digital network provides media opportunities ranging from customized locations to full digital domination throughout screens that have been integrated within the key properties.

Filming and Production
Our properties provide access to some of the most coveted landscapes for the film industry. We provide film, television, and commercial production venues across shopping centers, private jet facilities, hotels, beaches, golf courses, nightlife venues and exclusive events.